Murals to choose from.
      Vada gave me my start doing murals. Over a five year period she kept me busy painting her two neighboring Hermosa Beach houses. She has an amazing imagination and a playful inner vision, so just about everything was fair game for a make over: walls, doors, ceiling domes, painting french lace around kitchen windows, the water heater vent pipe, faux marble columns, even a -dinner for six- table and chair set.
      This picture is from an article in the Easy Reader.
      The Careys heard about what I was doing at Vada's and asked me to 'expand' their yard into a Carribean Lagoon. They have a beautiful waterfall/pool but the imposing cinder block wall was pressing in on them. The final result was viewed by a FedEx manager during a backyard BBQ and led to my first FedEx gig.
      FedEx gave me the opportunity to do sports theme pieces, large scale murals, and alot of lettering. They also presented some great challenges in design and execution, and I do love a challenge. From the concave surfaces 18 feet off the ground to the labyrinth like hallways; from the outside of a huge warehouse to working 12 feet over a computer terminal station. They even let me paint a few speed bumps with safety stripes; which I thought was a great bit of fun.
      This picture is a Raiders vs FedEx football game at the LA Station geared towards promoting Driver Safety.
      Pointe 705 was a Jazz oriented nightclub in Hermosa Beach getting ready for their Grand Opening. This piece started with me being the consultant who would design it and then come back for the finishing touches; it ended up being a hands on marathon alongside two other artists with alot of paint and very little time.
      I drew it up and painted the singer.
      The Marino Projects have been three-fold: an Aquarium, a Safari, and Heaven. All three are in their backyard on the typical Southern California cinder-block wall. The main idea has been to decorate for their daughters; who are featured in the Heaven piece.
      This was a great animal painting experience, and also a renaissance fresco style mural reminiscent of the European Cathedrals.
      Hope Chapel Torrance is where my family attends Church. My wife and I get to lead the Worship Service, and they even let me paint on the Nursery Room walls.
      I imitated the cartoon style of my daughter's favorite Children's Bible.
      There are three murals: Jonah, Noah, and Jesus.
      The MacInnes mural is the most recent piece and still needs a few final details.
      They wanted a nice tropical sunset to look at from their family room. The silhouetted palm trees were alot of fun to do, adding a strong contast against the orange sky. We still need to improve the reflection of the sun on the water and to provide a bit of reflected light on the trees.