Sean OíMalley was raised in the Southern California South Bay area and knew from an early age that he was destined to be an artist. In High School, after being sent to the Dean's office for drawing portraits of his teachers on his desk (the math teacher drawn as Batman being the final straw that broke the camelís back), the Dean encouraged the Art Teacher to help Sean find a creative outlet for his artistic skills. This led to Sean drawing T-shirt designs for a local beachwear company.

After High School, Sean attended El Camino Junior College and majored in Studio Art for four years while supervising a retail art supply store. While attending El Camino, the Drawing Instructor was so impressed with Seanís work that he went out of his way to photograph a portfolio for Sean to submit to various Fine Art Schools. He also recommended Humboldt State University as one of the best schools to expand Seanís artistic horizons.

Sean attended Humboldt State University for six years studying both Studio Art and Art History. Upon returning to the Los Angeles area he came upon his first and most extensive project working exclusively for one client in Hermosa Beach for a period of five years (Click here to see Vada Murals).

After every nook and cranny was painted in these two beach houses, Sean went to work for a neighbor who had been asking him for years to create a Caribbean Lagoon mural in his backyard (Click here to see Carey Murals). It just so happened that this neighbor worked at Federal Express and recommended Sean at a Managerís meeting where they were trying to enliven their safety wall with a mural.

After several other Federal Express Managers saw the results of the safety wall, they employed Sean to paint various murals at their locations (Click here to see Fed-X Murals).

In addition to several other murals painted since then, Sean specializes in paintings, portraits, computer graphics, banners (mostly for his kidsí soccer teams), and working with local bands on their logos, fliers, and CD artwork.

Sean is also an accomplished bass player and he and his wife are in several bands. They, and their four children reside in the Los Angeles South Bay area in California.

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