The Inspiration for this Banner came as a direct result of the sister's Ladybug Banner. The first idea was the coiled Snake holding the ball, looking scary, ready to strike.

But once you've made a Soccer Ball INTO a Ladybug, or maybe the other way around, whichever; now you've got to make a Snake. The thought of a big fat Snake seemed a bit too comical, sort of a ball with Snake head and tail. It would look like the Snake ate the Ball.

No, you've got to go with the Snake Skin Soccer Ball. So Chic.
And of course the phrase "Like a snake in the grass..." led to the interesting perspective of the piece.

I was never sure what this Banner really said about THE SNAKES though; we killed the Snake and made it into a Soccer Ball.
Not the most uplifting message, is it?
They never did win a game, or even score a point for that matter; except for the one our daughter accidentally kicked into her own goal.

Well, there's always next year.