This was a fun Banner on many levels.

To begin with- "What is the difference between a PIXIE and a FAIRIE?" and when the Girls picked THE PURPLE PIXIES was it the fact that THE FUSCHIA FAIRIES is a little weird for a Soccer Team? But the question I had for the Girls is "What do PIXIES look like?" and what I got in response was what I would call a FAIRIE.

Now when I think FAIRIE I think 1800's Victorian England, when I think PIXIE I think Tinker Bell, with short hair and an Impish attitude. My daughter described the former, with long flowing dresses and pretty and nice and long hair and pretty and glowing and pretty and...

"So - Mom with wings...?"


Maxfield Parrish and Alphonse Mucha worked the Victorian sensibility in figure study better than anyone else I know. So jumping on the Band Wagon and hitching up two of my favorite work horses I quickly implemented the Ol' Learning More by Copying The Masters rule I had learned in studying Art History.

The style for ALL the figures is that of Mucha, who was into the European Theatre Poster Advertisment type of thing. Parrish was more of the Paintings of Young Girl Your Grandma Would Hang On The Wall type of guy. I understand there's a Parrish Museum in San Diego, though I haven't been.

The girls are learning cursive writing and I thought this was a nice chance to show them the Fruit Salad of their labours. It also just looks like a nice Fancy Fairie Font -

The flags are working out great! It seemed to me that as long as we had this 6-7 foot tall frame and banner we might as well put up some Team Flags on top of it to let people know where to go in the crazy crowded soccer fields of Los Angeles. You buy the PVC frame in 10'pieces, and cut it down from there, so the flags just use the left over pieces effectively.