Painting the names by hand with Lettering Enamel results in the wonderful glossy finished effect of Vinyl Letters, yet done with Fonts I've not seen available from the average Vinyl Sign Manufacturer doing the other Banners. This Banner is a great example of that.

Then again there is a bit of time involved when doing the Letters by hand. Well... okay- a LOT of time - maybe. It takes me a full day - 8 hrs. - to do the Lettering. The WHOLE Banner is about a 3 day project, depending on the intricacy involved, with one day devoted to Lettering.

Now, it may not be cost effective, but I'm not charging anybody for my daughters' Banners. Beyond that - I enjoy doing it. I took high-school and college level classes in Lettering; it was an ART FORM. Now it's a click away at - and with Computer Printers being what they are - when's the last time some one was hired to do some Calligraphy?

And NOW for a word about this Banner - BLUE AND YELLOW MONKEYS? - c'mon, how do you paint that? - my daughter still doesn't get the Barrel O Monkeys reference.

Oh well, there's always next year...