This was my first banner painting. The team colors were red and black and the girls were around 5 years old. The first idea was to do a Ladybug on a soccer ball, but Inspiration came along and brought a better idea.

Ladybugs, after all, do have a soccer ball look about them; if you're as near sighted as I am. And Cassy wanted it on a flower, add a blurry leafy background and there we are.

Many people ask if I use an air-brush, but I don't, usually I use what's been called the DRY BRUSH TECHNIQUE. First you paint your Base Coat, yellow in the case of the flower, and let it dry completely. You take a Stiff Bristle Brush and load it with paint, orange or white in this case. Scrape the paint off so the brush is mostly dry, then go about shading or highlighting as you see fit.