This Banner was fun, I like painting water, and the friendly looking Dolphins really have some nice subtle hues of the GRAY-BLUE-GREENs for me to play with. This was one of those pieces that I could have just kept painting on... slowly blending depth and highlight of water... into the splashing-rolling wave... and the whole thing contrasted by the Dolphins breaking through with the ball...

And when I start talking like this I know I've LOST it. I'm gone into my own little AUTISTIC-ARTISTIC world.

But as I get lost in the JOY OF PAINTING the clock keeps on ticking and I still need to get another Banner done before Saturday, which is Picture Day for the teams.

So, I get out the Lettering Enamel and set to work on the names. Because the Enamel is glossy and the current vogue thing to do is to have a sign company whip-out your Banner with vinyl stick-on letters, many people are amazed when they get close enough to see that the letters are hand painted.