This was the best Banner yet... judged by response of the Team anyway. They made Sweat Shirts with the image and wore them to practice and pre-game warm ups.

The DRY BRUSH TECHNIQUE ( see Ladybugs Banner) used for blending the colors is similar to drawing with Charcoal. While in College I was forced into 5-10 minute speed drawing drills; using Charcoal on Newsprint. Being the ambidextrous perfectionist that I am- I quickly adapted to the time constraint by Drawing with my left hand while Erasing with my right hand; simultaneously Smearing and Blending with both hands.

Now use a DRY BRUSH of color in the left hand and a Terry Cloth Towel in the right; the Towel wiping like a PAINT ERASER/ SMEARING/ BLENDER thing...

The process is quick and intuitive, given you've let the Base Coat dry sufficiently. If not, then it's a miserable fight to recoat while wiping out the color you've just infused to the base coat and then waiting EVEN LONGER for this coat to dry.